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PBH317: Introduction to Public Health: Library Module 2

3. Find Articles

Find scholarly peer-reviewed articles

For your HAPP assignment, you are also required to use scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

Use library databases

The best place to search is our library’s online databases, or collections of scholarly journals, as you learned in Introduction to Public Health: Library Module #1 [link opens in new tab].

  • You can search MEDLINE with Full Text and PsycINFO, two public health-oriented databases.
  • You could also try some of the other databases on the Public Health & Health Education Research Guide [link opens in new tab]. Look at Search a specific database for articles.

Public Health Research Guide with Search a specific database for articles area highlighted


Next, learn how to improve your searching methods by thinking about search terms.

Last Updated: Sep 7, 2023 5:13 PM