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PBH317: Introduction to Public Health: Library Module 2

1. Look at Your Assignment

Look at your assignment

First, let's look at your assignment. Find your HAPP Part 1 assignment information. Then:

  1. Read the assignment thoughtfully.
  2. Note what types of sources you need. (How many sources of information do you need? Do you need any scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, like the ones you can find in a library's database? Can you use non-peer-reviewed sources?)
  3. Note any questions you have about the assignment, and contact your instructor to ask.

Stop and Think

 Think about what you learned about finding articles in Introduction to Public Health: Library Module #1. How will you use what you learned in that module for this assignment? (If you didn't complete it, now's your chance!)


Keep going! There's more to this module—Next: 2. Find Government Sources.

Last Updated: Sep 7, 2023 5:13 PM