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PBH317: Introduction to Public Health: Library Module 2

2. Find Government Data Sources

Next, find sources of information you need to complete your assignment.

Find reputable data sources created by the government

For this assignment, you need data about your health problem and the population you are writing about.

Let's look at two ways to find data collected by local governments, state governments, and our national government:

  1. Visit government websites
  2. Use Google advanced search technique

First, try this: Visit government websites

A good place to find this data is government websites.

You can visit our library's Public Health & Health Education Research Guide [link opens in new window] Popular Links box to find a list of government websites to try.

Librarian Tip

 To find data on many public health topics, you can visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Data and Statistics [link opens in new window].

Then, try this: Use Google advanced search technique

Try this Google advanced search tip:

  1. type your search terms into Google,
  2. and then add (Note: don't include any spaces in
  3. Now, the results page for your search will only show pages and documents from local, state, or the U.S. national government websites.

google search box showing a phrase plus the search term


The next step will be to find articles. Keep going!

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