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Brain Breaks

Virtual stress relief activities to allow the mind and body to relax and refresh

Questions & Answers about Breaks

A popular 2018 article, Why You Need to Take More Breaks (And How To Do It),  covers the following questions

Part 1 will answer all your questions about the benefits of taking breaks. So, if you’re still doubting that breaks are good for your productivity, start there.

Part 2 is all about HOW to take effective breaks. How many? How long? What to do DURING your break. And more.

Part 3 is where you’ll find practical advice about how to make regular breaks part of your daily routine.

Warning: Negative effects of sitting for an extended time period

Lee, E., & Kim, Y. (2019). Effect of university students’ sedentary behavior on stress, anxiety, and depression. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 55(2), 164–169.

"As sitting hours increased, university students’ stress, anxiety, and depression significantly increased despite controlling for sex, economic level,body mass index, underlying disease, and health self-management.

Practical Implications: Intervention programs that reduce sedentary behavior and improve physical activity and mental health for university students are necessary."