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Brain Breaks

Virtual stress relief activities to allow the mind and body to relax and refresh

Soothing Sounds

Try the below audio tracks to find a soothing sound that works for you.

Move the Body

The mind and body work well together.  Refresh your body to both relax and stimulate your mind.  Below are three different levels of workouts that are 15 minutes or less

Workout Apps

Trouble finding time to workout let alone a workout program? 

Try a workout app.  This list of 31 apps (most are free) offers a range of workout styles and focus; from squat challenges to guided meditations.   

To Nap or Not to Nap

Will a nap be beneficial or is it better to power through? 

To help you decide, here are links to Mayo Clinic & Psychology Today articles.  These articles discuss the advantages and drawback to napping along with advice for the best nap results.  


If a more scientific analysis of the benefits of napping is preferred, try this article,  

Ong, J., Lau, T., Lee, X., Van Rijn, E., & Chee, M. W. (2020). A daytime nap restores hippocampal function and improves declarative learning. Sleep, 43(9). doi:10.1093/sleep/zsaa058


Still unsure if a rest break is right for you?  Take a look at

The Napping Habits of 8 Famous Men


For those who already have an appreciation for a good nap, here’s some food for thought,

Naps and Sleep Deprivation: Why Academic Libraries Should Consider Adding Nap Stations to their Services for Students.

Napping Joy

Photo by Hoang M Nguyen on Unsplash