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Media Collection Strategy

Policy Statement 

Due to the increasing demand for streaming media titles, Drake Library has updated the guidelines for purchasing media and media digitization. 


This policy covers the guidelines of media for purchase and digitization. 


This policy applies to materials owned and requested of Drake Memorial Library. 


  • Media: Any non-print source of media that is intended to be watched on a screen. 

Policy Procedures 

Media purchases: 

Drake Library will purchase media using the following guidelines: 

  • Media will be purchased for required coursework and select co-curricular needs.   

  • Streaming media is preferred over physical media.   

  • Physical media will be purchased when streaming is unavailable.   

  • All media requests should be made well in advance due to time needed to complete a purchase. 

  • Subscription services (e.g. Netflix, Hulu) do not typically provide options for institutional access and the titles they produce are seldom available for libraries to purchase. 

Streaming licenses are typically much more expensive than physical media, provide one year of access to the content, and may not necessarily include Public Performance Rights.  Some streaming media is available via subscriptions, and titles available through subscriptions may be added and dropped over time by the content provider, sometimes without warning.  

In some cases, we may need to have further discussion with professors because streaming licenses are expensive, and budgets are limited. 

Digitizing media: 

We will digitize physical media Drake Library owns in the following scenarios:   

  • If the only copy available is in VHS format and there is no option to purchase the media in streaming or DVD format. 

  • If the course is 100% online and a streaming option isn’t available. On a case-by-case basis if it is a hybrid course. 

  • In certain cases when a short clip is needed.   

We will not digitize personal copies of any media, media for which an institutional streaming license is available, or media for courses that are fully in-person.  Digitized media will be made available for up to seven days through the Learning Management System (Brightspace), so only students in the course are able to access the media.  All media digitization requests should be made well in advance of when they are needed.  

Please reach out to with any questions. 

Last Updated: May 12, 2024 9:53 PM