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Online Information Literacy Modules

About Information Literacy Modules

Our library has a collection of Information Literacy Modules. These online tutorials help students learn information literacy skills that are important for their success as Brockport students. We have two types of Information Literacy Modules:

  • Credo's Information Literacy Modules, available to any member of the College community
  • librarian-designed modules, freely available for use by anyone

Questions? Contact the Instruction librarians via Ask a Librarian.


Credo Information Literacy Modules

Types of Materials in Modules

  • Tutorials—multimedia materials, often with an interactive ungraded activity for checking your understanding
  • Videos—instructional videos
  • Quizzes—assessments that can optionally be gradedg in multiple ways.

Openly Licensed Modules

Other Information Literacy Modules

These modules are available for anyone to use. They can be used or adapted under a Creative Commons license.

Last Updated: May 12, 2024 9:53 PM