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Brockport Downtown Library Services

Covid-19 Fall 2020 Plans

*Attention Faculty, Students, and Staff*

Right now, our plans for the Fall are still evolving! However, the safety of everyone at Brockport Downtown remains our top priority.
Please check this guide, and your Brockport email, for updates. Once again, I would like to thank you for your patience, during this difficult time!

I hope you are safe well,

Margaret Pierce


Downtown Library Services: Brockport Downtown services will be entirely virtual! My hours will remain the same (2-7pm, Monday-Thursday) and my services will remain the same (Citation Support, Research Support, ILL, and Library Instruction). I am available by phone, email, live chat, or virtual meeting during my hours! 

Main Campus Library Services: Our main campus library, Drake Memorial, will be partially open to students and faculty/staff! However, there will be several safety measures in place. For the latest information, on safety and services at Drake Memorial, please visit this page here.

Inter Library Loan: Inter Library Loan is still available! Due to library closures, and Corvid-19 restrictions, some items can't be sent from other libraries. However, ILL policies are subject to change! For more details, please visit here.

Covid-19 Summer 2020 Plans

 *Attention Students, Faculty, and Staff* 


  Brockport Downtown has switched to 100% virtual services! I will be working remotely, but I am still available for citation and resource help, from 2-7 pm on Monday-Thursday. As the situation evolves, our library services and policies may change. Please check this guide, and your Brockport email, for updates! I've added some information and links below. I appreciate your patience, during this difficult time. My priority is the safety of everyone at Brockport Downtown! 


Thank you,

Margaret Pierce


My Schedule: I am working remotely, from 2-7pm on Monday-Thursday, with 100% virtual library services! No staff, faculty, or students can work in the Brockport Downtown building. I can be contacted by email, at, or by chat here. If you would like a research appointment, I am also happy to meet with you virtually! To schedule, please email me, or apply online here

Main Campus Library: Drake Memorial Library is offering 100% virtual services. For more updates, and a list of available services, please visit the new guide for library online services. The physical location is closed. However, all librarians are still available for research help, through email or chat on this page! Current chat hours are Monday-Friday (9am to 9pm), Saturday (1pm to 5pm), and Sunday (1pm to 9pm)!

New Library Resources:  Many publishers are allowing students and educators to access more material for free! For a complete list of new resources available through Brockport, please click here. You can still browse Brockport databases and the library catalog here.

Inter Library Loan: Inter Library Loan is still available! Faculty and Graduate Students can request physical items or scans, but ONLY a limited number, and ONLY from Drake Library's catalog. Due to library closures, and Corvid-19 restrictions, no physical items can be sent from other libraries.  For more details, please visit here.