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3. Database Tips

Find Articles in a Database—Practice

Let's find articles using one of our library's databases, Education Source.


Educational Theory Resources page with Education Source link highlighted

Visit Education Source

  1. Visit the Education Theory Resources research guide [opens in new tab]. 
  2. Then, select Education Source.
  3. Explore Education Source for a few minutes.
  4. Visit the EBSCOhost tutorial to learn how to search Education Source and other EBSCOhost databases.

Stop and Think

 Will you use Education Source for your current cours(es)?

Try other databases

Education Source is only one library database. Other popular library databases for education include PsycINFO and ERIC.

You can search in multiple databases to improve your chances of finding articles. Need help finding articles or choosing a database? Ask a librarian.

Never pay for an article

If you find a scholarly article online, don't pay for it. That's why we offer interlibrary loan. You can request a free digital copy of an article, or borrow a book from another library through Drake Library's interlibrary loan services.

Librarian Tip

 Use quotation marks around important phrases or names in quotes to search for all of those words together.

  • Example for full names: "Frederick Douglass"
  • Example for phrases: "reading difficulties"
  • Example for title: "Audio journaling for self-reflection and assessment among teens in participatory media programs"

You can use this tip in Google or in most library databases.


On the next page, learn how to improve your searching methods by thinking about search terms.

Last Updated: Sep 7, 2023 5:13 PM