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Archives of SUNY Brockport (The Rose Archives)

A guide to the archival collections of the College.

Questions we are asked

A Sampler of Questions Asked

The Rose Archives receives questions regularly. The questions come from college staff, students, alumni, emeriti, and others. The topics are equally wide ranging. All questions regarding the college and its history are welcome! Here are some recent queries we have received:

  • The English Club asked about our holdings of their literary magazine.
  • A department looking to celebrate its 50th anniversary wanted photos and history of the department.
  • A college employee wanted photos of another employee to use for their upcoming retirement.
  • An alum of the '50s asked about what photographs of the plays of that era we have.
  • The committee celebrating the local Town of Clarkson's bicentennial sought information on local history.
  • Someone wanted biographical information about a coach of the 1960s.
  • A faculty senate member, looking for a Professional Roles report done in the 1990s.

   There are many questions that come to the archives, as you can see. Often even a seemingly simple question, e.g., do you have a photograph of "________" can take considerable time to answer. Questions are welcome, please just give us some time to answer them!

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2022 2:57 PM