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Archives of SUNY Brockport (The Rose Archives)

A guide to the archival collections of the College.


Overview of Rose Archives...


SUNY Brockport

Drake Memorial Library

Rose Archives


The Rose Archives shares in the overall Drake Library Mission and Vision.

However, the purpose of the Rose Archives is of necessity narrower.

The Archives exists to:

  • Collect and maintain documents, video and audio recordings, photos and photographic negatives directly related to the workings of SUNY Brockport and its students, faculty and staff.
  • Organize materials so they can be easily retrieved when needed.
  • Recommend and carry out preservation on fragile materials when funds are available; perform temporary protection with such items when funds are not available.
  • Analyze the collection periodically, and remove items that do not add to our purpose; where possible, offer such items to a museum or historical society for which they are a better fit.
  • Provide a report each year, at a time selected by the library director, that details collections added, collections deleted, and other activities carried out through the Rose Archives.
  • Provide basic research services for the college community, as time permits. Perform basic research services for public queries as appropriate and as time permits.
  • Continue an active role in recruiting interns to work on projects with the Archives manager.
  • Update informational emails and flyers for the college, listing the types of materials that will be accepted and basic information on accessibility of the collection, including contact information.

Due to limitations of space and suitable climate control, and in keeping with our purpose as a part of Drake Library, the Archives will accept from Offices, Departments and Faculty the following:

  • Reports, memoranda, promotional materials, public correspondence, photos, video or audio recordings that are not kept in another location such as the Department office. Please note, the material must be free of external copyright restrictions.
  • Small collections of papers and notes from emeriti faculty, no more than 1 standard storage box (18x18x4, or 4.5 cubic feet) or for books no more than 6 linear feet.

The Rose Archives will not accept:

  • Items of clothing, banners, or other items comprised primarily of fabric.
  • Any material containing identifying information such as student id numbers, Banner numbers, Social Security numbers, addresses/telephone numbers.
  • Artworks (Paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.).
  • Old technology.
  • Unsorted boxes of miscellaneous materials from an office that is in the process of being “cleaned out.”
  • Material on the history of the village of Brockport that has no clear connection to events or people at the College.

If you are uncertain whether your materials may be donated, please contact the archives via email ( before bringing items to the library. This is the fastest and most efficient way to contact Archives staff. Drake Library Staff cannot be responsible for the storage and care of such materials.

Last Updated: May 15, 2024 10:17 AM