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Archives of SUNY Brockport (The Rose Archives)

A guide to the archival collections of the College.


About the archives...


The Rose Archives of SUNY Brockport are housed in Drake Memorial Library, and consist of the historical collections and records of the school. From its early days before the Civil War as a "Collegiate Institute" to the comprehensive college of today Brockport has a long and intriguing history.

These unique primary documents allow researching a wide range of topics, for example the history of a particular program like the college radio station or the Stylus newspaper, the origins of a team sport like football, a department, biographical research on a prominent faculty, special groups like the Writers Forum... To learn more about the holdings in the archives, see our finding aid.

If you have questions about the college and its history email See also the archive web pages and the extensive materials on our institutional repository

Note: Please bear in mind that the college has always been a part of the surrounding society, sharing in the attitudes and practices of the day. Thus these historical records may on occasion contain material that today would be considered offensive or inappropriate. See the "Context Alert" page in this guide for more information. 

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2021 12:18 PM