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PRO 306: Find Articles

6. Cite

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Citing your sources in APA Style can be tricky. Here are some resources you can use, along with some librarian tips.

Resources for Citing in APA

Librarian Tip: Fix Citations

 Citations from databases usually aren’t 100% correct. When you copy a citation from a database, you will need to review it for accuracy, and fix errors. Incorrect capitalization and date formatting are common errors.

Here are some steps you can take to clean up your citations and make sure they are correct:

  1. Double check! Make sure you copied and pasted the APA citation from the database. Databases offer multiple styles for citations.
  2. Open your APA Style Manual or the OWL at Purdue APA Formatting and Style Guide [opens in new tab].
  3. Check for correct capitalization (author’s names and initials, the article’s title, the journal title, the book’s title).
  4. Check that the date is in the correct format. For example, if an article is in a journal for which there is a volume and issue number, then you don’t need to include the month in your citation.
  5. For books, check to make sure the publication city is included. If it isn’t, you can use Google to find the city where the publisher is located.
  6. For eBooks, include the link from where you retrieved it.
  7. For books and eBooks, ensure the information on editors and authors is correct. Citations for books with an editor have a different format than citations for books with authors.


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