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Citing Your Sources in APA

How to Cite in APA Style

Practice Citation & APA

Formatting Your Paper in APA

Please use the template to create your APA style paper.  It will help you set up your cover page, abstract, headings, running head, and references list.  Note:  If your instructor has asked for special formatting (such as no author's note), the template may be changed to suit your needs.

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Legal Citations

APA defers to the Bluebook for legal citations.  There is a section in the APA manual for legal citations, but if you would like to go directly to the source, please find it here:

APA Paper Checklist

Have I evaluated my resources to see:

if they are credible, reliable, and appropriate/relevant to my topic?
if they fit all the criteria laid out in the assignment by my instructor?
what kind of source I am using (book, journal article, etc)?



Have I included an in-text, or parenthetical, citation every time:

I quoted a source directly?
I rearranged information from a source into my own words (called paraphrasing)?
I included an opinion or thought that was not my own (from a class lecture, email, personal conversation, etc)?



Do my parenthetical citations include:

author(s) last name(s) where available?
year of publication?
page or paragraph numbers or section title where necessary (direct quotations) and available?


Is my References list:

complete with all of my sources?
double spaced?
indented properly with a hanging indent?


Have I included all sections and components that my instructor requires:

title page?
section headings?
charts, graphs, or other figures?
References list?


Is my paper formatted properly with:

1 inch margins on all sides?
double spacing for all text?
12 point Times New Roman font?
a Running head in the upper left corner (with the words Running head appearing only on the first page, and only the title appearing on the following pages)?
page numbers in the upper right corner?


Not the Style you need?

If this isn't the style you need to use for your assignment, please visit the Citing Your Sources main page for more information about choosing the right one. 

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