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PRO 306: Find Articles

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PRO 306: Find Articles For Your Final Paper

Find articles for your professional paper, and learn about library support for nursing students.


To complete this module, work through every page in order, step by step. Questions or issues? Contact the library [opens in new tab].

Before You Start: About This Module

It should take you 45–60 minutes to complete this module.

This learning module will help you use library resources to find the articles you need to complete your professional paper, and learn about how library resources can help you throughout your time at Brockport. By the time you have completed it, you will be able to:

  • Find library resources for nursing students
  • Develop a PICO(T) search strategy for use in our databases.
  • Search the library’s article databases to find articles you can use
  • Track down the full text of articles using the library's Search for Full Text button
  • Cite an article using APA style


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