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Searching Tips

What's that Search for Full Text button?

Don't give up when you see thesearch for full-text button button!

You may be able to view the article in another database, or we can get it for you through Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery.

Advanced Search Reminders

  • Use AND to combine different keywords.  
    • For example, school AND coaching
  • Use OR to combine synonyms or related terms
    • "high school" OR secondary
  • Double quotes: For phrases of 2 or more words:
    • “human resource management” will find those words next to each other, instead of anywhere on the page.
    • "exercise science"
  • To look for variations of a word, or to look for the singular and plural, use the*
    • Educ* will find education, plus educator, or educating or educate
  • Use Parentheses: separate synonyms from others.
    • ("high school" or secondary) and coaching

Can you help me organize my research?

  1. Look for the Sign In link in the blue bar at the top of any EBSCOhost database.
  2. Add searches and individual articles to your folder.
  3. Access saved content from anywhere!
  4. Learn more

Did you know?

Did you know that you can search multiple EBSCO databases at the same time?

To do this, choose the drop down menu. The database in which you are seaching will already be checked (eg. Academic Search Complete).

Using the check boxes, select:

  • SportDISCUS

Once you've selected the databases, scroll down the screen to look at the specific limiters for each database.

Click Submit and your screen will refresh. You are now searching several databases at once.

Have a Journal Title and wonder where it's indexed?

If you have a journal and wonder where it might be indexed (where you could find what other articles are in it), use this link below.  It may not have every database we have, but it is a good place to start.

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2024 10:27 AM

If you have a citation and need to find it...

What is the full title of a journal?