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Open Access at Brockport

Glossary for Open Access


Copyright: Copyright is a bundle of five rights:

  • the right to reproduce,
  • the right to prepare derivative works (e.g. translations),
  • the right to distribute,
  • the right to display publicly,
  • the right to perform publicly.

These rights adhere exclusively to the copyright holder (the author of a scholarly article), until/unless the copyright holder transfers them exclusively (a complete transfer, after which the copyright holder no longer has the right) or nonexclusively (an extension of one or more rights to another party, where the right still belongs to the original copyright holder).

In the current system, an author signs a standard publisher copyright agreement, which typically transfers copyright exclusively to the publisher, and in some cases grants back some rights. After signing such a contract, the author has transferred all five of the bundled rights, and the author no longer has any rights to the work — except as described in the publisher contract, or as allowed for under US copyright law’s Fair Use provisions.

Faculty: In this policy, ‘Faculty’ include all members represented by Brockport UUP (faculty and professional staff).

Final version of the article: The author’s full-text version with any changes made as a result of the peer-review process, but without the publisher’s copy-editing or formatting. Also known as a post-print, it includes all tables, figures, images and appendices.

Nonexclusive permission: After granting nonexclusive permission, authors still retain ownership and complete control of the copyright in their writings, subject only to this prior license. Authors can exercise copyrights in any way they see fit, including transferring them to a publisher if so desired.

Open-access repository: a digital platform that holds research output and provides free, immediate and permanent access to research results for anyone to use, download and distribute.

SHERPA/RoMEO: A database of publishers' policies on copyright and self-archiving. Available at

Scholarly articles: Faculty’s scholarly articles are materials that describe their research and are published for the sake of inquiry and knowledge without expectation of payment. Such articles are typically presented in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and conference proceedings.

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