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Drake Memorial Library - Tech Tools Policy

  • Current students, faculty, and staff members of SUNY Brockport are eligible to borrow items from the library’s Tech Tools collection.

    • The borrower’s library account must be in good standing in order to borrow Tech Tools (under $10.00 in fines)

    • Students of other SUNY institutions, RRLC, alumni, and/or community users are not eligible to check out Tech Tools.

  • The borrower’s Brockport EagleOne ID must be presented to the circulation staff each time an item is borrowed.

  • Tech Tools are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The Library cannot guarantee that an item will be available and items cannot be reserved.

  • Users are required to report any problems experienced with Tech Tools items during their borrowing period.

  • A continuously updated summary of devices and their corresponding circulation and renewal privileges are available online at:

  • All Tech Tools must be returned to the Library Circulation Desk during regular operating hours. Tech Tools are not to be placed in Library return drop boxes.

Late Fees and Replacement Costs
Late Fees
  • A $2.00 fee will be assessed for 7-Day Loan Tech Tools that are returned late. In-house use Tech Tools are not subject to late fees, but as with all library materials, they are the financial responsibility of the patron if lost or damaged.

  • If an item is not returned within two days of its due date, it will be declared lost and a bill for the cost of the device is issued. iPads will be placed into ‘lost’ mode and will be unusable. If the device is returned promptly, the bill will be waived with only a late fee of $2.00 due.

  • Reoccurring violations may result in extended or permanent barring of Tech Tools borrowing privileges.

Replacement Costs
  • Any lost, damaged, stolen items, and/or accompanying accessories are the financial responsibility of the borrower.

  • Replacement costs of items are based upon current market rates and/or the manufacturer’s list price. The actual amount owed will be assessed after reporting the loss to the Drake Memorial Library. An additional processing fee will be charged for each lost item.

  • After items are returned, Library staff will inspect items for contents, physical damage (cracked/broken housing, bent plugs, etc.), and to make sure items are in proper working condition.

    • Should items be missing, Library staff will place a $25.00 hold on your account until the items are returned.

    • If the missing items are not returned within a week, a block will be placed on your account in Banner and the $25.00 fine will be adjusted to match the market value of the missing items.

Personal Data and Information
  • All personal data, apps, files, or documents saved to laptops, iPads, and memory cards will be permanently erased after the device is returned.

  • Borrowers are responsible for removing all data, pictures and/or files from the devices before returning the equipment to the library.

  • Lewd, sexual, violent, graphic, or otherwise inappropriate photos and content left on the devices may result in extended or permanent barring of Tech Tools borrowing privileges.

Additional Information concerning iPads
  • Each iPad comes with a suite of preloaded sample files and applications, but users may sync additional data and applications, with the understanding that all data will be wiped and replaced with the standard preloaded files and apps when the iPad is returned to the Library.

  • Any additional apps or media purchased by the borrower during the loan period must be done with the borrower's own funds, and is not the responsibility of the Library.

  • Borrowers are not permitted to re-loan an iPad immediately after returning it to the Circulation Desk. Borrowers must wait 48 hours before they are able to check out the same device. If another iPad is available, borrowers are permitted to check out that device. This helps to ensure equitable access to iPads and discourages individual monopolization of iPads.

  • Borrowers are permitted to purchase additional content for iPads at their own expense using their own Apple ID. These apps and files will be removed after the device is returned and the iPads will be reset to a preconfigured state. Borrowers are not allowed to modify the system settings or firmware of the devices in any way.


Inquiries regarding this policy are to be directed to the Drake Library Circulation Desk.

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024 3:11 PM