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SWO 476 - Aging in America Business Plan

SWO 476 - Aging in America Business Plan

Scholarly / Peer-Reviewed Resources

Where you search depends on your topic. Here are some general databases that will get you started:

Market Analysis

"In general, the market analysis section should include information about the industry, your target market, your competition, and how you intend to make a place for your own product and service" (Gregory, 2022, para. 2). Drake's business databases have this information pre-packaged for most industries, but you might need to get creative when searching.

You can also find what you need by searching google with the keyword for your industry plus "market analysis." So, if you were looking up market analysis of the toilet industry, you might search:


toilet "market analysis"


This would give you a list of results about the toilet market! Remember, like when you had to find statistics that the company/author putting out the analysis is important to note and scrutinize! 



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