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Save Articles in Databases


What is MyEBSCO?

EBSCO (the publisher of many of our databases) provides you with a secure folder in which to permanently store articles, searches and journal alerts.

Once you're in a database (such as Academic Search Complete), look for the Sign In button:

EBSCOhost sign in

Sign In

If you don't have an account, choose the "Create new account" link.  Otherwise, login using the username and password you've chosen.

Note: we recommend using your Brockport email address as your MyEBSCO user name.

Save Your Results

Once signed in you can use the "Add to folder" link below a search result to save the article.  The "Alert / Save / Share" link allows you to save the search.

Add to folder

View Your Folder

To see what's in your folder, click the folder button.  The screen will look as follows:

Persistent Links to Searches


A persistent link is a link that will work from anywhere.  When looking at a persistent link for a search, you have to copy and paste the URL into the address bar of your browser.  You will then be taken to the results page for that search.

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2021 6:09 PM


Once you have signed in, the EBSCO logo will change to indicate that you are working within MyEBSCO.