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Creating an ePortfolio

Why an ePortfolio?

Simply put, an ePortfolio is a collection of work, in an electronic format, that showcases learning and creativity over time.

Accordinding to "Falling ShortCollege Learning and Career Success: Selected Findings from Online Surveyof Employers and College Students Conducted on Behalf othe Association of American Colleges & Universities," by Hart Research Associate: 

"80% of employers say that it would be very (36%) or fairly (44%) useful to be able to see an electronic portfolio of student work that summarizes and demonstrates a candidate’s accomplishments in key skill and knowledge areas (e.g. effective communication, knowledge in their field, applied skills, evidence-based reasoning, and ethical decision-making). "

Use your ePortfolio to share your work with your current instructors and with your future employers!   

Free ePortfolio Creation

Here are the links to different sites where you can build your own ePortfolio.  Each one opens in a new window.  Navigate through the tabs on the left to discover which of the free tools is the best one for you by reviewing some how-to information. 


Google Sites




If you're interested in learning more about ePortfolios in general before you proceed, check out these videos from other colleges. 

From Salt Lake Community College

From Auburn University


Last Updated: Aug 19, 2022 12:29 PM