EDI 419: Assessments in Special Education

EDI 419: Assessments in Special Education

Finding Measurements

Depending on the measurement, you may be able to find the actual test. We have two specific databases for this. Search Mental Measurements Yearbook first, and then if you don't find anything, try PsycTESTS.

Finding Critiques of Specific Measurements

Critiques of measurements are typically written about as scholarly articles. The PsycINFO database has the widest collection of these. This assumes, though, that someone actually has critiqued the test.

NOTE: Be sure to put the name of your test in quotes.

Finding Research-Based Strategies

If you need to find research to support specific strategies, you'll want to use one of our library databases. You will need to use the name of a strategy as a keyword (e.g. "problem based learning") and not the name of a specific test.