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Evidence-Based Practice

This guide provides information and resources about evidence based practice.

Finding Evidence-Based Practice Articles

Where to Find Evidence-Based Research

The following databases are great for searching for evidence-based practice. Start with a PICO(T) question and then use P, I, and O for your search terms.

Now, use your keywords in the following databases:

You can search several of our databases together using the search box here:

Hierarchy of Evidence Pyramid

There are different levels of rigor when it comes to evidence. This pyramid of evidence ranks evidence from weakest. From weakest to most rigorous, they are: animal and laboratory studies, case reports, case control studies, cohort studies, randomized control trials, meta-analysis system & systematic review, clinical practice guidelines.

hierarchy of evidence pyramid graphic. Levels are explained above in text.

Last Updated: May 28, 2024 11:56 AM