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Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial

5. Be Persistent

A research journey can be tough. Sometimes it’s hard to find the articles you’re looking for. You will need to be persistent, and use some key library skills and resources.

Watch Video: "Using the Search for Full Text Button to Locate the Full Text"

This video will show you how the Search for Full Text button works. Note that this does not use a nursing specific example, but the process is the same for CINAHL.

Watch Video: "Find the Full Text from the Citation"

Watch this video to learn about key library skills and resources to track down the full text of an article.

Try It! Search a Database for an Article

  1. Try searching in either CINAHL Complete or PubMed to find an article for your paper.
  2. Click on the yellow "Search for Full Text" button to see if we have the full text.


Librarian Tip

 Your Brockport librarians are skilled at helping students find articles. When the library is open, you can reach one of your librarians via live-chat [link opens in new tab]. Try entering: "Hi, I need help finding an article for my paper."


Next, let's finish up your research journey—6. Cite

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2024 3:26 PM