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Writers Forum

Writers Forum Resources

The Writers Forum is a unique Brockport institution that is a source of interviews and information on contemporary authors from the late 1960s to the present day. It is a special collection that has certain limitations at times on use, and it is held in several different locations. See the items below for more information.

  • Videos - Drake Library Catalog Many, but not all, Writers Forum videos are cataloged and available for viewing and check out from the college library. (Some of these are in storage and may not be available immediately; ask for assistance.)  If you do not see the video you are searching for in the catalog contact Charlie Cowling, college archivist,
  • Digitized Interviews This site hosts the 20+ interviews that have been digitized and are available online.
  • College Archives The college archives has some transcripts of older interviews from the 1960s and 1970s, as well as documents and photographs relating to the inception of the forum in 1967 by Greg FitzGerald, English professor and writer, it's subsequent development and so forth. Contact the college archivist for more information: Charlie Cowling,
  • The Writers Forum The web page for the forum itself. It offers information about the forum, and they do have a library of interviews on tape, which may be borrowed.
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