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APA @ Brockport Certificate



The APA @ Brockport Certificate is a collaboration between Drake Memorial Library and the Academic Success Center Writing Tutoring. The goal of this course is to prepare you to find the appropriate answers on how to use APA style. While this course in itself will not make you an APA expert, it will teach you the basics of formatting your paper, creating a references list, and using in-text citations. The module contains videos and links to the APA Style Guidelines.

In order to complete the certificate, you must complete three modules. Each module ends with a summary quiz. You must pass each quiz with 100% for the next module to become available.

Upon successful completion of all three modules you will be able to download a PDF certificate. You can then submit this PDF to your professor. The library cannot share the names of those who have completed the certificate with professors.

How do I access the course?

From the Brightspace home page, navigate to the BRO Noterm Semester and click on APA @ Brockport. Note: The course is only visible for students at this point. Faculty will not see the course in their Brightspace, but can see a copy of the content in the Brockport Resources course.

screenshot of Brightspace with BRO Noterm Semester highlighted.

You will then see the directions and first module available. Click on 1. Paper Format to get started.

screenshot of modules section with 1. Paper Format showing.

How do I download my certificate?

After you complete the quiz in 3. In-Text Citations, 4. APA Certificate will become available. Follow these steps to download your certificate:

  1. Click on Awards in the green navigation toolbar.
  2. Click on My Awards
  3. Click on the name of the certificate available
  4. Click "Generate Certificate"
  5. Save the PDF to your computer
Last Updated: May 10, 2024 11:42 AM