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Drake Quest

A campus scavenger hunt based on campus knowledge and basic research skills.

How to Play the Game

To register for Drake Quest you will need a contact person for your team and a team name.  

The registration page and the submission page are the same form.

The submission form is designed to allow you to post completed challenges as Drake Quest progress.   After you enter your completed challenge you will select "Save my progress and resume later".  A response email will be sent stating that your progress has been saved. 

You do not need to submit the form until you have completed all the challenges your team has selected.  When ready to submit the completed form, go to the bottom of the form and click on 'Are you ready to submit your Scavenger Hunt?'

Drake Quest challenges will be posted daily on the next page of this site.  The first day, Tuesday, November 2nd is currently posted.  


If you run into an obstacle or are having difficulty.  Feel free to contact the librarians hosting the quest: 

Dana Laird           395 - 2197

Mary Jo Orzech    morzech@brockport           395 - 2141

Wendy Prince     395 - 2145