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Banned Books: Overview

Banned Books a celebration of the American Library Association's annual Banned Book Week. Banned Book week is traditionally the last week in September. The event highlights attempts, current and historical, by libraries and schools to ban books.

Challenging Books in 2020

The American Library Association tracked 156 challenges to library, school, and university materials and services in 2020. Of the 273 books that were challenged or banned, here are the “Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2020,” along with the reasons cited for censoring the titles.

Banned Books FAQ

Banned vs. Challenged:  The American Library Association description of banning and challenging process

Annual ALA list of Banned Books:  A list of the top ten banned and challenged books from the previous year.

Frequently Challenged Children's Books:  A list from the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) on libraries, schools, and the media attempting to ban books in communities across the country.

The Freedom to Read Foundation is a nonprofit legal and educational organization founded in 1969 to promote and protect the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press; to protect the public's right of access to information and materials stored in the nation's libraries; to safeguard libraries' right to disseminate all materials contained in their collections; and support libraries and librarians in their defense of First Amendment rights by supplying them with legal counsel or the means to secure it.

Banned Books

Celebrating Banned Books @ Drake

Join us Tuesday, September 28th @ 7pm for Literary Karaoke with Banned Books.

Members of campus clubs will be offering select reading from banned books. 

The event will be held on the main floor of Drake Library


Guess the Banned Book

On the main floor of Drake library, near the banned book display, is the Guess the Banned Book raffle.  Everyone who correctly guesses the title of the banned book (shredded and enclosed in a sealed container) will win a rubber ducky and a raffle entry for a $10 Amazon gift card

Banned Book Trivia

New York Public Library Banned Book Quiz

National Library of Scotland A quiz for 'Banned Book Week"

FIRE, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education,  Banned Book Week Trivia

Spokane County Library District 15 Trivia Questions for Banned Book Week

First Amendment

The right to read material of your choosing is a First Amendment right.  Test your First Amendment knowledge with this quiz.

Beacon for Freedom of Expression

Beacon for Freedom of Expression is an international censorship database that preserves information about historic and current censored media in a global perspective.

Beacon for Freedom of Expression offers nearly 50,000 titles of censored works and literature on censorship and freedom of expression. The database is dedicated to the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. Norway presented the database as a gift to the Library of Alexandria in 2003. Today the National Library of Norway hosts the database.

Free Speech

Finding Your Voice is a free speech comic book published by the Freedom for Individual Rights in Education