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Brockport NY Local History

A guide to the various local history groups, museums and resources in Brockport.


The Basics

Doing research on Brockport people, families, businesses or other sorts of local related history? There are lots of avenues of help. There are actually several different historical groups in town. The Brockport Community Museum is a "virtual" museum with no set physical location, but is a very active group with an information rich web site. The SUNY Brockport's library has an archives that contains a fair amount of local history information. The Emily Knapp Museum is the official village museum, seat of the village historian, and has a wealth of resources. The Morgan Manning House is not only a historic house site, but is the seat of the Western Monroe Historical Society and can be a helpful resource.

Please note that it is best to plan ahead and contact these groups before going, as some have limited hours, volunteer staff etc. 

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Last Updated: Sep 30, 2022 3:03 PM