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Friends of Drake Memorial Library (FODL)

Information about this group which supports the work of our library.

Paper Submissions (Entries) Link

Please make sure you have read all of the requirements at the right and are ready to submit your entries.  PDF format is preferred.

Submission Timeline

Entries will be accepted from December 1, 2022 through midnight February 15, 2023.

Entries will be reviewed from February 16 through March 31, 2023.

Winners will be notified in April 2023.

Contact with any questions:

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Jennifer Little Kegler
Drake Library, rm. 120 (Main Floor)
Skype Contact: jjlibrarian

FODL Library Research Awards Contest

The purpose of this competition is to encourage undergraduate student research and engagement with Drake Memorial Library staff and the rich array of resources and information Drake Library makes available.


First Place: $500                 Second Place: $300                Third Place: $150

Submission Requirements

Research Paper Requirements
  1. The contest is open to The College at Brockport matriculated undergraduate students enrolled any time during 2022, who completed papers during that time frame.

  2. Papers written for any classes in all subjects are eligible for the research competition.  It is not necessary to write a paper specifically for this competition.

  3. Papers must be well-written, grammatically correct and at least 9 pages, but no more that 20 pages in length (not including the cover page, reference or works cited page, or library resources statement).

  4. It must include at least 10 references or works cited.

  5. Previous winners are not eligible to submit new papers.

Library resources statement:

All applications for the research writing competition must include a library resources statement describing your research process.

Please include this statement as a separate, first page of your research paper submission.

  1. Describe how you started your research and how you chose your topic. Did you use any specific library or information resources? Did you consult with any librarians, faculty, or other staff?
  2. Describe how you found the information for this project. While information sources are not limited to library resources, it is essential to describe how the library was important to this process.
    • Did you consult with any librarians or library staff? 
    • What databases did you use to locate articles? Try to be as specific as you can, going beyond Ebsco to databases like America: history and Life or ScienceDirect.
    • What type of search strategies did you use to locate the information? This can include websites and other information resources.
    • Did you use any specific sources in the library?
    • What library services did you use?
  3. Describe how you evaluated the resources you found. How did you narrow your sources from ones you consulted to the ones that are included in your research paper?

Please contact Jennifer Kegler (information to the left) if you have any questions regarding this contest.

Previous Winners