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Academic Systems & Instructional Support: Tutorials


Please use this section to learn more about how to create more accessible materials.  You can use the navigation menu on this page, or the links below to navigate to the videos of your choice. 

Learn more about:

PDF Accessibility

Word Doc Accessibility

PowerPoint Accessibility

In many cases, inaccessible content placed as a PDF or other item can be linked to in the Drake Memorial Library databases, or from the open web.  Linking to the item is preferable if it is possible, as it removes the responsibility of making the item accessible from you and puts it on the original author, publisher, or provider.  Please see the videos on the Link to Library Materials page under Course Content for more information.  

If you would like to review a specific accessibility issue you are having with a document or video, you can request an appointment with a member of the ASIS Team.

Download a Bb Collaborate Recording and Upload into My Media for Automatic Captioning

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2022 11:44 AM