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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Webinar Recording: Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to Stream Your Hybrid Course

Please find below short clips of the webinar run on August 26, 2020. Each clip covers a specific task in Blackboard Collaborate and will help you to run a synchronous session for your class.  

Use the Document Camera in a Classroom

Webinar Clip: Create a Session

Webinar Clip: Join, Record, Call in for Audio, Leave a Session

Webinar Clip: Chat

Webinar Clip: Participants Panel

Webinar Clip: Share Content

Run a Live Poll in Bb Collaborate Ultra

Create and Manage Breakout Groups in Bb Collaborate Ultra

Run Attendance and Poll Reports in Bb Collaborate Ultra

Download a Bb Collaborate Ultra Recording

While this video is aimed at accessibility, it also covers the process for downloading a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recording.

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