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PBH317: Introduction to Public Health

Get started with public health research

2. Find Statistics

Where to Find Statistics

For this assignment, you will need to find statistics to support your problem. These sources will help you locate statistics:

Searching for Statistics

Statistics are most commonly located on web pages. They are usually in reports from government and non-profit agencies. So, start with a search engine (e.g. Google) and perform a basic search. For example:

statistics obesity

Then, look at the results. Ask yourself:

  1. Are these statistics current?
  2. Who is the publisher of these statistics? If it's not one of the groups below, you probably shouldn't use them.
    • A government entity?
    • A non-profit organization?
    • An advocacy group?

If you are confident that these statistics will be useful, then save the link and be sure to cite the source (6. Cite for more information!)

Finding State and Local Statistics

If you need to find state or local statistics, add the following to your search:

  • "New York" 
  • the name of your county (e.g. Monroe County NY)
  • the name of a city (e.g. Buffalo NY)

Statistics in Journal Articles

You may also find statistics mentioned in peer-reviewed journal articles. These are most likely going to be in the introduction or literature review portions of the paper. See 3. Find Articles for help!

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