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PBH317: Introduction to Public Health

Get started with public health research

3. Find Articles

Places to Search

There are two different places you can search for articles:

  1. Library Search on the Library's home page
  2. Subject Specific Databases

1. Library Search

Library Search is a generic search engine with most of our library's content. It's a great place to start your search! Using the search box on the home page, try your keywords. This video will walk you through the options:

2. Subject Specific Databases

We subscribe to several databases that are more specific than the content in library search. These databases are great when you have 2 or more keywords, or if Library Search isn't returning relevant results. Give them a try:

Librarian Tip: APA Citations from Databases

 Did you know you can copy the citation for any article you find in the databases. To get the APA citation for an article, try this:

First, select Cite.

screenshot of EBSCOHost article PDF reader showing the Cite button highlighted

Then, copy the citation in the style you need.

screenshot of EBSCOHost article PDF reader's Cite area, showing citations available, APA style of the article's citation highlighted

Now, take a close look for errors. Usually, you will see typos and errors in capitalization and punctuation, and more. Finally, you can paste it into the references list for your paper, or anywhere else.

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2023 2:55 PM