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PBH317: Introduction to Public Health

Get started with public health research

1. Visit the Research Guide

About Library Research Guides

The library has a research guide for every subject taught at SUNY Brockport. Each guide features the best library research and information sources for that subject.

About the Public Health Research Guide

We have a Public Health & Health Education research guide [opens in new tab]. It will be helpful for this class, and other courses you take in this discipline.

Tour of the Public Health & Health Education Research Guide

You Try It

Now, you try it. Visit the Public Health & Health Education Research Guide [opens in new tab], and look around.

Stop and Think

 Why do you think the librarians created the Public Health & Health Education Research Guide?

Using the Research Guide

You can use this research guide to find reputable, scholarly information for your assignments, including articles and books.

Librarian Tip

 If you have questions about the research guide, or ideas for making it better, tell us! Email us at


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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2023 2:55 PM