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Research & Write a Paper

A guide to help you through your research methods class or other semester-long research projects.

Writing a Research Question

Basic Information

What is a good research question?

  • The research question is the most critical piece in developing a research project.
  • It is the foundation on which everything lies.
  • Therefore it is critical that time is spent developing a CLEAR and PRECISE question.  
  • Stating a question in this way clarifies sets the direction and goal for the entire research process.
  • It should address a question that has relevance and significance in your field of study.

Writing a Research Question

  • Where do I get a question? Edit or Delete link_996050 Get Quick Stats
    1. Look around you. If you see it as a problem to be researched, others may also see it that way.
    2. Be curious. Ask why?
    3. Find something for which you are passionate and committed.
    4. Investigate the literature. Most studies indicate the direction for future research.
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    1. State clearly and completely.
    2. Use an open-ended format for your question. Questions that can be answered with yes and no are not effective.
    3. Go to an expert and/or the literature to find good examples of research questions. Edit your work.  Edit or Delete link_996054 Get Quick Stats
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2022 3:55 PM