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Research & Write a Paper

A guide to help you through your research methods class or other semester-long research projects.

Library Resources

Get help at any time

Librarians are here to help you with any research need you have.  We love to do research!

Please don't hesitate to ask us if you need extra help.  There are a number of ways to reach us:

Reference Desk: Generally, the reference desk at Drake Library is staffed from 9 a.m. until 2 a.m.

IM: IM us at "Drakeref"

Phone: 585-395-2760

Email us: at Response is generally within 24 hrs. except during weekends & holidays

Request a Research Consultation: Arrange to meet with the librarian for customized help with major research projects.

Live Help

Chat with the librarian at the Reference Desk:

Why use "library resources"

Google and wikipedia are great places to start doing research and even for finding some types of information, BUT..

Learning to use the library and the resources available through the library webpage will help you find more scholarly resources and save you time.

Find Books
Find Articles

Many of these resources are not available to you FREE on the web, but are provided to you through the library, SUNY, the state of NY, or even your technology fee at work!  If we do not have the resource you need, we can usually get it from another library using Interlibrary Loan. 

The physical building

The Virtual tour begins with the Main Floor of the Library. Ground Floor (computer labs, Kiefer Room, juvenile collection)

Top Floor (main collection of books, study rooms)

Maps and the general layout of the building.

Library Refresher

Do you need a quick review of how to find resources?

Try the "Library Tutorial" web page

You can select any section for a reminder on how to find resource.
For example, you can find help for:
How to find a peer-reviewed article
How to find a book in libraries other than Drake.

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