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Genealogy Resources: Overview

A brief guide on how to get started and resources available to the local researcher.

What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of your family’s lineage, or "family tree.". Working on your family history can bring to light information which will help bring earlier generations of your family to life.

This guide is intended to share some helpful general resources and also materials relevant to local research. A common, and very important suggestion made to anyone interested in pursuing their family story is to start with asking questions of living older relatives! While they may only know so much, what they know can save you a lot of time, and give you many invaluable leads. Just be prepared for the reality that sometimes family stories do turn out to be inaccurate or incomplete!

Starting Points Online

Genealogy Guys News Feed

Very informative information from a pair of experienced genealogists. Click on the link to see all the latest genealogy news!

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