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CMC 201 : Public Speaking

Citing Your Sources in APA

Citing in a Speech

Knowing how and when to cite is tricky, but the rules for a speech are very similar to the rules for a paper. 

If you have a slideshow or other accompanying visual, remember to include at least a works cited list at the end.  If you are using pictures, those should be given some kind of attribution, too.  Typically, a website url at the bottom of the photo will do.  Ask your instructor if you aren't sure. 

  • Mention your source in your speech whenever you:
  • Use direct quotations Paraphrase (put someone else's ideas into your own words)
  • Use an idea that someone else gave you in a conversation, email, class, etc.
  • Describe an idea that influenced your work
  • Want to use an expert opinion or lend authority to your own opinion
  • Give any information that isn't common knowledge
  • Use any or all of a previously created work of your own design (yes: self-plagiarism is a real thing)

How to Cite in APA Style

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Avoiding Plagiarism Video

Remember, you can be charged with plagiarism if you:

  • Copy, quote, paraphrase or summarize any source without adequate documentation.
  • Purchase a paper by mail or email.
  • Allow another person to write a paper for you.
  • Submit another person's unpublished work in your name.

from Duke University's Avoiding Plagiarism webpage

APA at Brockport Guide