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Honors Resources

A guide to help Honors students with research from the first year through the Honors project.

Find Articles

Databases for finding articles

The library provides access to over 100 different databases to help you find articles.

Start with Academic Search Complete or Academic OneFile, databases that cover the most subject areas and have both full-text scholarly and popular articles.

What is a "database?"

A database is an organized collection of computer records.

In a library or research database each record matches an article in a newspaper, magazine or journal; a book; a DVD; etc.. The records found in these library databases contain the same information as "citations."

The full-text for the article is not always available online; sometimes you might have to look for the print copy or request the article from interlibrary loan.

"Controversies" or "Issues" Databases

These databases are good STARTING points.  If you need help choosing a topic or just want to see some possible ideas, you can try these.

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