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True Crime Series

SUNY Brockport True Crime Series for November 2023 Hosted by Drake Memorial Library

Trivia, Riddles and Brainteasers

Try these Riddles and Brainteasers to test your skills at finding clues.

Enjoy using logic to solve puzzles and riddles? Try these Einstein riddles, Greek logic, Logic equations and Zebra puzzles. Brainzilla Logic Games.

Crime Museum - Quizzes, Trivia & Riddles - Try trivia such as "Did they Really Say That In Court?" or quizzes like "What is Your Crime Theme Song?"

5 Minute Mysteries allows you to find the clues, identify a solution and solve the mystery. You may solve mysteries on your own or join leagues. New mysteries are published twice a week. Free sign up here.  

Great Thefts - Enjoy trivia? Try 25 Interesting Facts About Things That Were Stolen.  

100+ Best Crime Trivia Questions & Answers - Try trivia questions in five different categories: Assassinations, Infamous Trials, Criminals and Scandals, Terrorist Organizations, and Criminal Personalities.

Ready to create an adventure?  Try making an online escape room.  How to make an escape room using Google Forms.