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Downtown Scavenger Hunt


Challenges for the Scavenger hunt will be posted every day. You have until 11:59 on November 19th to complete as many of the challenges as you want! 


Your responses can all be submitted here

Day 1 (Nov 10)

1) Go to the Library website and locate four different ways you may contact a librarian. List all four for Points - 25 

2) In celebration of Thanksgiving, take a photo next to our Giving Thanks box (and write a kind note!) Points – 25 

3) Everyone is automatically entered in the Most Creative Team Name contest. Points - 10

Day 2 (Nov 11)

Today's Challenges are: 

  1. Find the listed article and upload screenshot of the opening page.  Here’s the article citation: 

Rycenga, Jennifer. (2016). Fannie Barrier Williams: Crossing the Borders of Region and Race Wanda A.Hendricks. Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2014. Journal of American Culture (Malden, Mass.), 39(3), 359–360.

Points – 25 


Recreations: recreate a favorite image.  Using a popular photo, painting, album cover, movie scene, sitcom opening or any well-known image and recreate the image with a touch of your own style.  Upload your recreation and reference the original image.  Points – 50 *Plus 1 – 5 creativity points

Day 3 (Nov 14)

  1. Photo with our book exchange bookshelf. Outside of room 564, there is a bookshelf where you can take a book, leave a book, or look at recommendations for what to read or watch next! Take a photo next to the bookshelf and submit it for 25 points.  

Ducky, Ducky, How many Duckys?  Stop by room 564 to guess how many duckies are in the bag.  Points – 35 for participation/45 points for a correct answer. 

Day 4 (Nov 15)

Capture a photo of diversity at Brockport Downtown.  This challenge is open to your interpretation.  Points – 50 *Plus 1 – 5 creativity points


What's Good? Leave a recommendation for a good book, movie, or TV show that you know. The link for this is on the downtownlibrarian instagram, or on flyers at Brockport Downtown

Day 5 (November 16)

Drake library presents book displays to explore a topic or increase awareness of our collections.  For this challenge suggest a book display.  Topic covering casual reading or serious research are welcomed.   Points – 25  


Our instagram is where a lot of cool announcements for events go out! Give us a follow @downtownlibrarian Points -- 35

Day 6 (Nov 17)

  1. Drake Memorial Library instructional videos.  Go to You Tube and locate the Drake Memorial Library video collections. Grab the URL of video with peer-reviewed as a topic. Points - 25 

  1. Upload a photo of nature on campus; whatever captures your imagination.  Points – 35 

Upload a photo showing your Brockport spirt.  Points – 75  Team photo wearing Brockport gear plus 10 points.  Team photo with Ellsworth in the picture plus 25 points    Possible total 110 points  

Day 7 (Nov 18)

  1. Take a photo with one of your favorite professor/instructors.  Remember to ask permission to take a photo, no sneak attacks.  Include the professor’s name with photo.  Points - 25 


  1. Draw you best rubber ducky.  Give your ducky character, maybe even a name.  Creativity is more important than skill.   Upload drawing for Points – 35 *Plus 1 – 5 creativity points 


  1. Open Access - Open access is a publishing model for scholarly communication that makes research information available to readers at no cost, as opposed to the traditional subscription model in which readers have access to scholarly information by paying a subscription (usually via libraries).  The symbol designating Open Access is an orange open lock


In the Drake library home page Search Bar enter Tiktok, use the Filter/Sort button to narrow the selections to articles then search.  Using the Open Access symbol locate an open access article about Tiktok.  When you located the article click on the ellipse to the right of the article title.  This will open a variety of options including citation.   Open the citation link and copy the MLA citation for the article.  Submit the citation.  Points - 35