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Downtown Scavenger Hunt


General Information

The Downtown Scavenger Hunt will begin Wednesday, November 9th.  The last challenges will be posted on Thursday, November 17th.  Last day for submission is Friday, November 18th. 

There is no deadline for signing up.  

Two to three challenges will be posted daily.  The challenge postings and reply submission will occur at this site.  

Each challenge will be assigned a points value.  You are not required to complete all the challenges.  The winner is the team with the highest points.

Challenges do not need to be completed on the day they are posted.  Participants have until 11:59pm Friday, November 18th to complete all challenges. The winner will be announced Monday, the 21st :)


You may participate as an individual or as a team member

Teams are a maximum of four people

All team members must be included in the initial sign up  

All participants must be currently enrolled SUNY Brockport students

There is no deadline for signing up.

To earn points for a challenge, submissions must be entered by 11:59pm Friday, November 18th. 

Ready... Set... Go Team! 

1st Challenge

The first challenge is your team name

The team with the most creative name will earn 10 points. 

The rules for team names are keep it clean and respectful. 

Submit your team name here!