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Fun Stuff & Distractions: Overview

Stress relief activities to allow the mind to relax and refresh

Stress Relief Activities

Please enjoy these pages of stress relief activities.  The first page is filled with simple games, puzzles and pleasant distractions to allow you a quick five minute brain break.  The second page offers different methods to help you physically address stress then get back to your studies.

Coloring Pictures

Hanging with Friends


Ready to leave it up to the stars?  Check out your horoscope



Entertaining Animals

And, of course, relaxation calls for a brief admiration of our animal friends

Funniest Animals:  Best Of The 2020 Funny Animal Videos

Photo gallery of Working From Home with Pets

Romping goat kids in pajamas

Sassy talking Huskie (Caution: you may fall in love)

School work done at home as demonstrated by a dog