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Born a Crime Book Discussion: Overview

Born a Crime Book Discussion

Where: Drake Memorial Library, main floor

When:  7pm, Wednesday, November 17th

Why:  In celebration of International Education Week, a look at different life experiences from around the world

Access to Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

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Born a Crime Adapted for Young Readers by Trevor Noah

You Tube - Each chapter, 1 - 15, is an independent video

Discussion Questions

Questions to provoke thought and discussion:

 In Born a Crime, Noah seeks to dispel the myth that the ending of apartheid was bloodless. How much did you know about the end of apartheid before reading this book, and what did you learn about the history of South Africa by reading Noah’s story?

Noah and his mother lived in a variety of neighborhoods over the years. How does racial segregation affect the daily lives of young Trevor and his mother? What connections can you identify between the challenges in transportation and housing faced by Noah’s family and those faced by people living in poverty in racially segregated communities in the U.S. and Canada today?

Born a Crime Summary

This short video, part of a study guide, offers a brief summary of Trevor Noah's Born a Crime

Study Guide

Born a Crime study guide, by Lit Chart's, reviews plot summary, characters, symbolism & background information for a deeper understanding of the book.

Trevor Noah