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Please note that as of August 2015 we no longer have access to Lexis/Nexis. The LII/Legal Information Institute linked on this page (and others) is a good substitute for code and case law.

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If you're looking for books containing laws, check the Federal (U.S.) and New York State tabs.

Statutes are the laws as they were originally passed at the federal or state level. At the Federal (U.S.) level the original law is called Public Law # - #. The first number is the Congress it was made in, the second number is the order it came in during that session.

The code is the federal, state, or municipal law as it stands at the present moment. Use these databases to find the Code:


Appellate Court Law Library

In addition to our resources, a great regional resource for legal research is the Appellate Court Law Library in Rochester. This is a law library open to the public, and staffed by trained law librarians.

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