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Gope Spirit Boards - Drake Memorial Library Art Installation: Overview

Twenty hand-carved wooden gope boards from Papua, New Guinea are on permanent display in Drake Memorial Library. They showcase an array of artistry and provide a glimpse into New Guinea’s history and culture.

From Papua New Guinea to Brockport: A renowned former United Nations official has given the College a rare collection of 20 gope boards in honor of Daniel Munzert ’05.

James Wasserstrom (left) and Daniel Munzert '05 with some of the gope boards being given to the College.















Books owned by Drake Memorial Library: Gope Boards and the Art and Culture of Papua New Guinea (and Melanesia)

Digital Commons @ Brockport

"Carving a gope board." The Artefact 2010 - Vol. 33, pp. 49 - 55 David Frankel








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