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E-Books at the Drake Memorial Library

Welcome to the Drake Library's E-BOOK GUIDE

This guide will help you to search, find, and download electronic books. It will also direct you to information about e-reader software, audio books, uploading e-books to e-readers, and the e-readers available at the library.

Over 70,000 e-books are available in the Drake Library catalog, and more are added frequently.

You can read e-books on most devices, such as computers, laptops, tables, e-readers, and smart phones. The number of pages that can be printed, copied, or downloaded vary.

Getting Started

What is an E-Book?

An e-book, also known as an electronic book or digital book, is "an electronic version of a printed book."

An e-book can exist without any printed equivalent.

What is an E-Reader?

An e-reader, also known as an electronic reader, is "a device or application to facilitate or enhance the reading of electronic material."

E-readers: Read anytime, anywhere

An e-book from ebrary

Paper Books vs. E-books

Critics and advocates of digital books have been engaged in the ultimate debate about the future of reading.

As technology continues to become a part of our everyday lives, do you think that e-books will eventually replace paper books?

Paper Books vs. E-books
E-books are our future: 4 votes (19.05%)
Paper books will never go away: 9 votes (42.86%)
Can't both media coexist happily?: 8 votes (38.1%)
What's a book? - TV will always win: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 21

Reading Habits

At the number of e-books outsold the number of hardcopy books in 2011.  Reading platforms may be changing, yet people are still reading and comprehending that information.

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